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Inspection and Test

We have a track record of very high delivered product yields. Among other factors, these results are supported by a significant investment in inspection equipment appropriate for modern surface mount assembly. An on-site x-ray system provides a view of solder joints under large surface area SMT components, including BGA and LGA packages, and is used to inspect each such component on every assembly.

In addition, an automated optical inspection system provides tireless, repeatable inspection of solder joints, component orientation and condition, markings, and similar points of interest. Most assemblies are hand finished and hand cleaned by the end of processing, and every assembly is examined by an experienced human inspector.

These efforts offer an uncommon level of cleanliness and attention to detail that shows in finished product quality and saves significant time and effort for the customer.

We also support functional testing. Staffing at a technician level is available to handle complex customer provided test procedures. In addition, engineering support is available to help with development of new test equipment and procedures.

A unique low cost functional test option from Allied Component Works is also available for test of a certain class of assemblies produced in higher volumes.

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